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  • PayPal Finally Fixed It’s Security Flaw Which Allowed Hackers To Steal OAuth Tokens

    A critical security issue has been found in PayPal that allows hackers to steal OAuth tokens that are being used in payment apps created by third-party developers. Security researcher and Adobe software engineer -Antonio Sanso found the problem after testing his own OAuth client. “While testing my own OAuth client I have noticed something a bit […]

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  • An Artificial Intelligence God is being developed by an ex-Google Employee

    Anthony Levandowski co-organized self-driving trucking company Otto, which Uber obtained for $680 million in 2016. He converted to head of engineering for the ride-hailing firm’s autonomous vehicle division and made titles after being fired in May following charges he stole trade secrets from former employer Google. It seems Levandowski could now grow more famous for his charitable religious entity, […]

  • Learn How to Use Your Android for Hacking and Penetration Testing

    Android is now the most used mobile operating system in the world—even Microsoft’s Founder Bill Gates has recently revealed that he is currently using an Android device. Mobile devices have become a powerful productivity tool, and it can now be used to hack and test the security of your networks and computer systems. This week […]

  • iPhone X has no fingerprint Scanner and no Home Button

    Face ID will restore Touch ID, the home button sensor that’s allowed fingerprint logins following 2013’s iPhone 5S. Users can see the phone by swiping up from the base instead of hitting the button. “Nothing has ever been easier or more natural,” Schiller told the crowd. The refreshed iPhone 8 will continue uninterrupted, including both […]

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